Hummingbird in Fuchsias

Hummingbird in Fuchsias

Dear Nature…

Last June, my chick-sis (my sister who loves chickens) and I decided it was a nice day to visit the Portland Rose Test Garden. It is such a beautiful place, if you’ve never been there; it is a must if you live in Oregon. You wouldn’t have enough time to stop and smell all of the roses!

As if the roses weren’t enjoyable enough, there was something even greater in store for us that day. Over by the fuchsias, I spotted a humming bird, but he took off pretty quick. Of course I had assumed I would be photographing macro shots of flowers, and my telephoto lens was in my sister’s car.

I quickly searched for my sister to get the keys from her (yes, my cell phone was either dead or without signal!) I rushed to get my lens. Once I was back we went back over to the fuchsias together, in hopes that another humming-bird would show up.

We were in luck! It didn’t take too long before this little cutie showed up. We were both snapping photos like crazy; I wish they were all as sharp as this one! He was hamming it up, bobbing his little head and posing for us like he knew he was part of a photo shoot! I even have a short video, though a bit shaky, of him sitting there and the voice of my sister talking to him.

I’ve always wanted to get a nice shot of a hummingbird, it never seemed to work out, but this was the day. He posed for us so long that we were almost hoping he would fly off because our hands and arms were starting to ache pretty bad! At that point it was even more difficult to hold the camera steady enough for a clear shot. We still enjoyed every moment of it. What a lovely day.


Nature Shutterbug

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